Kostat BK-STAT Sheets
Types of BK-STAT Sheets

KOSTAT's BK-STAT Sheets are statically dissipative
thermoplastic sheets based on IDP
(Inherently Dissipative Polymers) technology.
This class of materials has distinctive advantages in
hot spots and cleanliness requirements in comparison to
other materials based on Hygroscopic Antistats, Inherently Conductive Polymer
Coatings, or Conductive Fillers such as carbon fibers and carbon blacks.
BK-STAT Sheets exhibit superior property and processing characteristics compared with other competitive IDP based sheets.

  Superior Permanent Static Dissipation
Excellent Wear Resistance
Humidity Insensitivity
Excellent Processibility
Exceptionally High Impact Resistance
Low Particle Generation

  Semiconductor Packagings
LCD Packagings
Electrical & Electronics
Medical Devices
Storage Disks
Consumer Goods
Clean Room Accessories

  BK-STAT PS Sheet Alloyed with IDP
BK-STAT PP Sheet Alloyed with IDP
BK-STAT ABS Sheet Alloyed with IDP
BK-STAT PET Sheet Alloyed with IDP

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