Kostat Carrier Tapes
Types of Carrier Tapes

KOSTAT 's Carrier Tapes are made from multi-layer
Polystyrene sheet extruded and laminated by using our
own compound and proprietary process.
As in typical IC Trays, the pocket design of Kostat
Carrier Tapes provides the maximum protection for
electronic devices from ESD and transportation hazards while
it accommodates efficient PCB assembly requirements.

KOSTAT uses 3D Vision System during the tape embossing process.
This real time automatic inspection tool guarantees consistent carrier tape
quality and SPC data for manufacturing yield improvement. Additionally, Kostat
Carrier Tapes maintain consistent seal strength with Cover Tapes even after a
long term and challenging storage conditions. Extensive tests with various cover tapes available in the market today showed good cover tape-to-carrier tape
compatibility with both HSA(Heat Seal Activated) and PSA(Pressure Seal Activated) Cover Tapes.

  Complies with Relevant EIA, EIAJ and IEC Specifications
Large Selection of Open Tooling Available
Custom Pockets, Closed Tooling Available
Available in Widths from 8mm through 64mm
Consistent Seal Strengths with a Variety of Cover Tapes

  Conductive Single Layer Type
Conductive Tri-Laminated Type
Non-Conductive Transparent Type
Color Conductive Type
*Note) All Technical Information is Available Upon Request.