Kostat Cover Tapes
Types of Cover Tapes

KOSTAT 's Heat Seal Activated Cover Tapes are
manufactured using dissipative Polyethylene
Terephthalate film and other proprietary adhesive materials.
Our own technology is used with nano materials to accomplish well dissipative Cover Tapes. The seal strength between Kostat Cover Tapes and Carrier Tapes remain consistent even after a long term and challenging storage conditions. Our products ensure high quality and reliability.

  Compatible with Major Carrier Tapes available in the Market Today
Self-development Materials form own research facility and All Process of
    manufacturing products from them.
Wide Temperature and Pressure Sealing Windows
Excellent Material Properties to withstand various Taping and De-taping
    Processes and Conditions
Consistent POS Performance with Minimal variation at various Ageing Conditions
    and the Flow of Time.
Superb High Resistance to Tearing Force
Stable Surface Resistivity and Consistent Sealing Strength
Environmentally Friendly
Excellent Transparency and Haziness
Available in various Widths compatible with Major Carrier Tapes available in the
    Market Today

  Heat Seal Activated Cover Tapes
Pressure Seal Activated Cover Tapes

*Cover Tape Size Table
*Note) All Technical Information is Available Upon Request.