Kostat IC Trays
Types of Trays
Available Products and & Materials
  KOSTAT has extensive in-house capabilities, allowing us to design, produce and market a comprehensive line of JEDEC-style in-process and shipping IC Trays.

KOSTAT trays offer complete protection of IC chips from static damages at various
resistance levels. Trays are available in non-bake and bakeable grades up to 180 degrees

  CAD Tool Design followed by Design Review with Customers for Tooling
In-House Tool Fabrication and Maintenance
One Tool for Multiple Temperature Applications; Universal Tools
State-of-the-art CAM Facility and Custom Developed Manufacturing Equipment
3D Camera for SPC Programs
Research and Develop Advanced Engineering Compounds by R&D
Engineering and Manufacturing Technology Support by R&D
Staffed with Experienced Scientists and Engineers

  JEDEC Style Trays
EIAJ Style Trays
Custom Trays

  MQFP Trays
TSOP Trays
Custom Design Trays

  Carbon Fiber Filled Trays
Carbon Powder Filled Trays
IDP Alloyed Color Trays
Antistatic ABS Trays

    Materials               Bake Temp P/N
PES/Carbon Fiber Trays 180℃ Max KS-6100
PSU/Carbon Fiber Trays 150℃ Max KS-6110
MPSU/Carbon Fiber Trays 140℃ Max KS-6120
MPPO/Carbon Fiber Trays 150℃ Bake KS-6325
MPPO/Carbon Fiber Trays 130℃ Bake KS-6320
MPPO/Carbon Powder Trays 150℃ Bake KS-6315K
MPPO/Carbon Powder Trays 140℃ Bake KS-6315G
ABS/Carbon Powder Trays Non-Bake KS-7440
Antistatic ABS Trays Non-Bake KS-7008
PC/ABS IDP Alloyed Color Trays 85℃ Bake G048BK

*Note) All Technical Information is Available Upon Request.